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Tips for Acneic and Breakout Prone Skin

We all know what acne is, but did you know there are a lot of different causes of acne? The main contributors are genetics, hormones, improper skin care, environment and even lifestyle. There are also different degrees of acne. Some can be treated and managed by the consistent use of a proper skin care regimen coupled with a periodic professional treatments like chemical peels.

Often times when breakouts are present on the skin, there is also redness, inflammation, dehydration and asphyxiation. At OLC our goal is to address the many different symptoms that are associated with acne and breakouts in order to bring you your best skin ever. We take a multi-pronged approach to treating your acne.

  1. Reduce Inflammation. Acne is often accompanied by redness, heat and inflamed lesions. Calming and soothing the skin is an important step in getting breakouts under control.
    Suggested product: Calm-R 
  2. Control Sebum Production. We need help regulating oil production in the skin to help control breakouts and blackheads from occuring. Acneic skin often has an overproduction of sebum that can get trapped under the skin leading to pustules and pimples. Certain products and ingredients will help to balance the moisture levels in the skin helping to regulate the skin’s oil production.
    Suggested Product: Matticlear, Acne Balancing Serum 
  3. Bacteria Management. P.acnes bacteria is always present on the skin, but in some acne cases there is a larger than average amount on the skin and this can be a large contributer to inflammation and acne. When P.Acnes becomes trapped under the skin it feeds on oil, creating inflammation leading to pustules and papules. Using products and treatments to help control this bacteria will help to reduce the number and severity of acneic lesions on the skin.
    Suggested Product: Acne Balancing Serum, Spot Clearing Lotion 
  4. Remove Dead Skin Cells. Removing the build up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin allows the skin to function properly and excrete sebum efficiently. This results in less blocked pores. Chemical exfoliants like AHA’s and Retinols are often the most effective exfoliants for acne prone skin as the active ingredients do the exfoliating by breaking down dead skin cells without any mechanical abrasion or irritation to the surface of the skin. Physical exfoliants like scrubs can often be too harsh for acne prone skin and end up adding to the problem.
    Suggested Product: AHA Renewal Serum, Enzymatic Peel, Bright and Clear Solution 
  5. Enhance cell turnover. By encouraging the skin to produce new healthy skin cells at a faster rate, we help to exfoliate the skin and also to minimize the appearance of scarring and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Retinol and AHA’s are both excellent ingredients to help increase the rate of cell turnover in the skin
    Suggested Product: Retinol Resurfacing Serum 0.25% 0.5% 1%, AHA Renewal Serum

AlumierMD professional peels are a great “in clinic” solution for acneic skin types. At OLC we offer a variety of different peel solutions that can be customized to your skin’s individual needs. For acne, we typically recommend a series of 4 AlumierMD Peel treatments in combination with a good home care regimen for best results.

Our skin care professionals would be happy to meet with you to recommend a treatment plan tailored to your specific skin care needs. Give us a call today to book your free skin consultation! 613-226-6200

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