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Alison Watson

(She/Her) Owner, Laser Technician, Skincare Specialist

Esthetics & Cosmetology – Versailles Acadamey, Laser Hair Removal – Cutera, LightSheer Certificate – Clarion, Picosure Certificate – Cynosure, Laser Safety/Physics – Cynosure, Chemical Peels – AlumierMD

Skin Type: Aging, sun-damaged, normal to dry

Favourite Product or Treatment: Laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal, AlumierMD retinol resurfacing serum 1.0, AlumierMD Ever Active C&E serum

#Driven #Caring #Professional

In 2013, Alison was presented with an exciting opportunity to purchase the Ottawa Laser Clinic (OLC), a local business with an impressive, long-standing reputation in the esthetics community.  Having been in the industry for over a decade, Alison was incredibly knowledgeable and well-poised to carry the torch. So, along with her husband and business partner, Thomas, Alison made the leap as a business owner and has never looked back.

Since that time, OLC has gone on to further success, winning the Consumer Choice Award for best laser hair removal service (9 years in a row) and Top Choice Award for the past 5 years. Much of this success can be attributed to the expert level of skill and superb service that the OLC staff provide.  And despite OLC’s recent office expansion, they have still managed to maintain the warm, personalized boutique-feel that attracted loyal clients in the first place.

As Owner, Alison is by no means a behind-the-scenes presence at OLC. Instead, she is very much on the front lines, performing all of the services available. As well, she is passionate about giving back to the community. This generosity can be seen in OLC’s commitment to helping trans clients with hair removal, removal of radiation tattoos for breast cancer survivors, and tattoo removal for women who have escaped sex trafficking or abusive relationships.

Time away from the business is rare but when she gets it, Alison focuses on quality time with her husband, son and daughter and traveling when she gets the chance. She is also a cat mom to 3.

Thomas Watson

(He/Him) Co-owner/Accounting/Marketing

Algonquin College, Algonquin College PAC Chair for Esthetics Courses

Skin Type: Mature, aging skin, normal to dry

Favourite Product or Treatment: Cosmetic Injectables

#Passionate #Focused #Friendly

Thomas is OLC’s behind the scenes guy, although occasionally you may find him filling in behind the front desk. Thomas handles OLC’s accounting, marketing and business development as well as fixing things from time to time. Thomas is Alison’s husband and the two have been in business together from the very start when Thomas was working full-time in the corporate world and part-time to help realize their dreams of becoming full-time entrepreneurs.

When not in his office at the clinic, you can find Thomas doing photography, playing hockey, making music with his band “Rainwater Whiskey” or enjoying time with Alison and their two children.

Maddy Rogers

(She/Her) Office Manager

BA, Economics, Carleton University

Skin Type: Combination, Hormonal breakouts

Favourite Product or Treatment: AlumierMD Vitamin C serum, Latisse

#Positive #Helpful #Driven

Maddy is our ultimate multi-tasker, keeping everything operating smoothly in the front office and beyond. She is the glue that holds OLC together! You’ve likely spoken with her when booking your appointments and we know without a doubt that her warm and professional first impressions are making us all look good here at OLC.

Maddy’s always got a good book on the go and also enjoys playing the piano (not at the same time, we assume).  She loves spending time with her friends, family and her dog named Stella.  This, we assume, does occasionally happen at the same time.

Dr. Lamia Wassef

(She/Her) Dr. Lamia Wassef received her cosmetic injection training at one of Canada’s leading courses, Dr. Matin’s Rejuvenation and Training Centre. Then, due to her passion for medical aesthetics and drive to perform the best possible treatments, she took an advanced injection course to enhance her skillset for clients. Dr. Wassef understands how important each individual’s concerns are and that is why she strives to provide comfortable treatments that focus on the most natural looking results.

She has over 25 years of diversified medical experience and has run her own private practice in the Ottawa area for over 15 years. We’re very happy and excited to have someone with her warm and caring demeanour joining our OLC family.


(She/Her) Medical Esthetician/Laser Technician

Esthetics Diploma – Algonquin College, Laser Certificate – Ottawa Academy, LightSheer Certificate – Clarion, Picosure Certificate – Cynosure, Laser Safety/Physics – Cynosure, Chemical Peels – AlumierMD

Skin Type: Normal/dry, Uneven skin tone/hyperpigmentation

Favourite Product or Treatment: Chemical Peel

#Compassionate #Friendly #Outgoing

Sarah was once the baby of the OLC family, but not anymore as she has quickly grown into an all-star service provider! Sarah has plenty of industry experience and it only takes a quick chat with her to see she is very passionate about medical esthetics. She’s armed with an RN diploma as well, so it’s obvious helping people is what she loves to do. Sarah is able to perform all laser and skin care treatments offered at OLC so you’ll always be in great hands no matter your needs.

Family is very important to Sarah, so when she isn’t at the clinic with her work family, you can find her spending quality time with her real family.


(She/Her) Medical Esthetician, Laser Technician

Esthetics Diploma – Versailles Academy, Advanced Medical Esthetics Certificate – Versailles Academy, InMode Laser Certification – InMode, 2x Lash Extension Certificate, Versailles/Viva Esthetics, Picosure Certification – Cynosure, Potenza Certification – Cynosure

Skin Type: Combination/Acne

Favourite Product or Treatment: EverActive C&E and Chemical Peels

#Friendly #Positive #Empathetic

Chelsea joined the OLC team right in the middle of all the COVID shutdowns/lockdowns, but was a great help to us in corresponding with clients and getting to know our paperless CRM system. Chelsea joined OLC as a Junior esthetician, however she has already become an expert in laser hair removal and built a large, loyal clientele.

Originally from Bedford, Nova Scotia Chelsea, moved to Ontario when she was 8 years old. Growing up in the Atlantic, she has a true love for anything seafood and getting to experience new things. When not at the clinic, Chelsea enjoys cooking, weightlifting and going for hikes with her new rescue pup, Poppy.


(She/Her) Medical Esthetician, Laser Technician

Medical Esthetics Diploma & Makeup Artistry – Versailles Academy, Advanced Medical Laser Technician Diploma – LOOKS Aesthetic Academy, InMode Laser Certification

Skin Type: Combination, Hormonal, Hyperpigmentation

Favourite Product or Treatment: LHR & Picosure Focus / Hydraclarite & Clear Shield

#Outgoing #Kind #Conscientious

Maya joined the OLC family in 2021. She has been a positive addition to the OLC family; quickly adapting to our paperless system as well as building a solid clientele already. Maya enjoys meeting clients and matching services to meet personal goals. She is determined to give the best of herself to each client!

Maya was born in Guatemala, but grew up here in Ottawa. She previously had a background in graphic design and social work. However found herself drawn to cosmetics & medical esthetics. Lucky for us, she decided to turn her passion into reality.

When not at the clinic, you will find Maya working out, creating a new art piece, walking her dog Shanti and engaging in outdoor sports.

Maya looks forward to meeting all of our amazing clients and we can’t wait for you to meet her as well!


(She/Her) Medical Esthetician, Laser Technician

Esthetics Diploma – Algonquin College, InMode Trition DiolazeXL, Lumecca, Forma, BodyFX Certifications – InMode, Picosure Laser Certification – Cynosure, Laser Safety & Science – Cynosure, Chemical Peels – AlumierMD Academy, Safety & Sanitization – Jane Iredale University

Skin Type: Combination with Rosacea, Acne and Hyperpigmentation

Favourite Product or Treatment: Ultimate Boost Serum, Laser Hair Removal and Microneedling

#Cheerful #Organized #Caring

Erica joined OLC in early 2022 and has quickly made a great impression on the team and her clients. Erica has been in the Esthetics industry since 2019 after following her passion for beauty and her desire to help others feel good in their own skin. With her previous background in kinesiology and sport management, she has a wealth of knowledge in anatomy & physiology that expertly compliments the treatments she provides. Erica enjoys meeting new clients from all around the world and is passionate about delivering the best service possible.

Erica was born in Ottawa, Ontario, but has lived in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Germany. This has instilled in her a passion for travel and this love has taken her to over 30 countries, with a bucket list of 30 more to go. When Outside of the clinic, Erica enjoys spending quality time with her family, friends and yorkie Luna (aka Princess).


(She/Her) Medical Esthetics Receptionist

Esthetics Diploma – Algonquin College, Currently Completing RPN Program – Algonquin College

Skin Type: Normal/Dry Uneven skin tone/skin texture

Favourite Product or Treatment: Laser Hair Removal & Vasculyse / Ultimate Boost Serum & Sheer Hydration Tinted

#Friendly #Driven #Empathetic
Leena joined the OLC family in September of 2022. She enjoys greeting every client and ensuring they are comfortable before beginning treatment. Leena has the perfect personality for the front desk and will make you feel at home as soon as you enter the clinic!
Leena was born in Ottawa, but has a full Moroccan background. She is currently attending the practical nursing program at Algonquin College in hopes to join the team as an injector in the future. When not at the clinic, you will find Leena in school, shopping or enjoying outdoor activities in the summer such as biking, hiking and kayaking. Leena looks forward to getting to know all of you.

(She/Her) Front Desk, Medical Esthetician

Advanced Aesthetics, Lash Extensions, & Makeup Artistry – Versailles, Chemical Peels – Alumier MD, Inmode Laser Certification 

Skin Type: Combination, Sensitive 

Favourite Product or Treatment: Alumier Customized Facials / Bright & Clear, Acne Balancing Serum and Hydracalm Moisturizer 

#organized #creative #thoughtful 

Betty was born and raised in Ottawa/Vernon and has had a deep connection with nature and animals from a young age. Her childhood was filled with riding horse and competitive show jumping. Today she is the loving fur parent of a cat name Diamond and a bunny named Benji.

While she was welcomed to the OLC family in January of 2023, her venture into the beauty realm began in 2018 when she enrolled in Versailles Academy to learn about Lash Extension. This skill, honed over years of dedicated practice, culminated in the realization of her dream; to open her own business in 2020. A true testimony to her commitment and unwavering passion.

Betty’s interests didn’t stop there though, taking her into the world of medical esthetics. Currently Betty is training to become part of our technician crew, while also helping to hold down the front desk duties. We look forward to what the future brings for Betty, OLC and all her future clients.

Betty looks forward to meeting you all on the front desk and eventually in the treatment rooms as well!


(She/Her) Medical Esthetician, Laser Technician

Medical Aesthetics Diploma & Makeup Artistry  with Honours – Versailles Academy, Advanced Medical Laser Technician Diploma — West End Academy, InMode Laser Certificate

Skin Type: Combination, Hormonal Breakouts

Favourite Product or Treatment: Chemical Peels / Retinol Resurfacing Serum 0.25%

#caring #patient #friendly

Jenna is a seasoned professional with a unique blend of experiences. Born in Ottawa and raised in the valley, her journey has been shaped by a love for the outdoors and a zest for life.

From a dynamic sporting background that includes soccer, volleyball, horseback riding, track and field, and cross country, to embracing outdoor adventures like hiking, swimming, and biking, her energy knows no bounds. A culinary enthusiast as well,  she loves spending time in the kitchen whipping up new baking recipes.

Beyond her active lifestyle, she is a proud cat parent to Vinny and Taz, two feline companions.

Jenna is excited to collaborate with clients on their journey and is committed to helping others achieve their goals!

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