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Breathe new life into your skin

An individual’s skin care is, well – individual. This is why our skin care specialist takes a customized approach to meet the needs of your own unique skin. Your skin also changes over time, and treatments can vary from appointment to appointment.

At OLC, we provide treatments for all skin types and conditions, using AlumierMD’s professional skin care line.


After an AlumierMD facial treatment, you skin will immediately look more radiant. In addition to addressing your unique skin issues, it acts to balance skin tone and improve circulation. It will feel refreshingly hydrated and smooth.

Ideal Candidate   

An AlumierMD facial treatment can be performed on virtually anyone.  

What to Expect 

During your AlumierMD facial treatment, your medical esthetician will start by taking your skin through a deep cleansing and customized professional exfoliation. Any impurities will be removed by applying steam and gently extracting if needed. Targeted treatment products, serums and professional masks will be selected to help revitalize the skin and address your unique skin concerns.

Relaxation is also an important part of the process to helping your skin look and feel its best- enjoy a facial, neck and shoulder massage as part of your AlumierMD facial treatment experience.


 Before your facial treatment, you should:

  • use AlumierMD products a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • apply an SPF 30+ sunblock to the skin when exposed to the sun
  • refrain from using very active skincare products like retinols and AHAs 3-5 days prior to treatment
  • inform your skin care therapist if you have had any recent facial hair removal, and whether there have been any recent changes to your health and medications

After your facial treatment, you should:

  • do your best to incorporate the skin care regimen recommended by your skin care therapist, in order to compliment your treatment and prolong results
  • apply sunscreen with an SPF 30+ when exposed to the sun
  • refrain from any excessive exercise for 24 hours

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How many treatments will I need?

Since skin is always changing and aging, we recommend regular skin care treatments to maintain excellent skin health. The ideal regimen would be once a month.

How do I maintain my results at home?

Your medical esthetician will recommend a customized skin care routine you can follow at home to ensure your skin continues to feel great post-treatment!

What will my skin look like after my treatment?

Most people find their skin has a radiant glow immediately after treatment. Sometimes there can be some residual redness if very active products are used or extractions are performed. This will typically resolve shortly after treatment. It is safe to apply mineral makeup post-treatment if necessary.

Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime post-skin treatment. Most people find the treatment to be quite relaxing and are able to resume regular activities right away. To prolong results, we do recommend you avoid excessive exercise, swimming, hot tubs and saunas for 24hrs.


Pricing for Skincare treatments will vary depending on your recommended treatment.
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