Artistic expression… cultural or spiritual recognition… group identification… love… or just plain rebelliousness… we all had strong compulsions to get “that” tattoo in the first place, but over time our love affair with our ink may fade a lot faster than the artwork itself. So maybe it’s time to finally do something about it!  Introducing the state-of-the-art PicoSure laser, the first picosecond aesthetic laser for tattoo removal and skin revitalization! At OLC it is our core belief to provide the absolute best quality treatment for whatever service we’re offering. That is why we invest in the most current and best technology. We are very proud to be able to say we are the first clinic in Ottawa to be able to offer PicoSure laser treatments!

So what is PicoSure and what makes it so amazing?

Until the launch of PicoSure, Q-Switched lasers had been considered the gold standard for removing tattoos. Q-switched laser treatments use thermal energy to heat up and break apart the ink particles while PicoSure`s cutting edge technology performs ultra-short pulses (one trillionth of a second in length!) which hit the ink particle with a pressure so great, the ink shatters into tiny dust-like particles. Because the particles are so small, they are more readily absorbed and eliminated by the body. This can mean better clearance of the tattoo and less treatments overall!

Tattoo Removal FAQ

How do I get started?

You start by contacting us to book your free consultation! During your appointment, our laser technicians will review your medical history, explain the process, develop a treatment plan and provide you with a quote based on the size of your tattoo.

What does laser tattoo removal feel like?

For many patients, the feeling of laser tattoo removal has been compared to what it feels like when getting a tattoo, however it is very fast. We will work with you on the best comfort option based on your individual needs and concerns. There are options for a topical anesthetic and air chiller cryoanesthesia to help numb the treatment area.

How many treatments will tattoo removal require?

The number of laser treatments needed for tattoo removal is dependent on a number of variables such as ink type, size of the tattoo, location on the body, type of laser used, lifestyle habits, etc. During your consultation, we will evaluate your tattoo and recommend a realistic treatment regime to help you achieve the best results.

How often will I need treatments?

While it typically takes 4-8 weeks for the body to absorb the ink particles, every patient and tattoo responds differently. Following our recommended post treatment protocol will likely improve the results and reduce the chance of small adverse events.

How will my skin look after the laser treatment?

The ideal clinical endpoint for the tattoo removal treatment is an immediate slight whitening or “frosting” of the skin, however that will subside shortly after the treatment is complete. Other observable effects include mild swelling and redness. It is important to keep the area moist following the treatment. We will explain this process during your free consultation.

Does tattoo removal cause scarring?

PicoSure is a non-ablative laser which does not cause scarring. In some cases a client might notice slight residual hypopigmentation after treatments, however this not a result of the removal process, but may have been caused by the original tattoo. The absence of any significant thermal effect and the pure reliance on photomechanical or acoustic shattering of the pigment makes the PicoSure® the safest, most effective and most efficient tattoo removal device on the market.

My tattoo was treated with a laser in the past and didn’t clear, why would I try again now?

PicoSure has proven success in treating even dark, stubborn blue and green inks, as well as previously-treated, stubborn tattoos that were not successfully cleared by other lasers in the past.

Tattoo Removal Pricing

Tattoo removal starting at $150/sessions. Package discounts available. Book your free consultation now for a personalized quote.

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