A little while ago we participated in a program run by Consumer’s Choice Awards call WOMO or Word-Of-Mouth-Online. The goal of the program was to contact clients/customers in order to solicit anonymous feedback about the clinic. We were looking to gain some insight into what people liked and what we could improve upon. Thank you to those who took the time to answer the survey and provide a comment.

While we know our business pretty well, there were still some things that surprised us!

1) None of you dislike us…? What gives? We thought we would’ve made atleast one enemy by now!

2) Over 37% of the people that replied said they chose us due to word-of-mouth. I guess we can save some marketing dollars now… like the money we spent participating in this program… oops! But it was well worth it in order to find these things out.

3) You guys apparently like our website… I mean, who doesn’t. It has pictures of us on it! 😛 But it was a key influencer in your decision making. So that’s why we decided to create this blog post to trick you into coming back to it!

4) Well this last thing didn’t surprise us very much because we already know we have amazing clients, but it doesn’t mean we get any less warm and gooey inside when we read a great review! Thank you to those who added these reviews with their feedback, anonymous or not. These are only 6 of the 45 positive reviews we received (by the way, there were no negatives, we must not be famous enough to have haters yet… we’ll work on that! lol).  We might be able to stop blushing soon but we’ll still have to figure out how to shrink the size of our heads!

Thank you again to all of those who participated/continue to participate in this program. It really does help us better direct our efforts in providing high quality services every single time. We are only as good as our reputation and with clients like ours it would seem our reputation is in good hands! Cheers!