Our Clients Are The Best!

At OLC we have great clients and we love hearing from you! Whether it’s treatment related or you just want to tell us about some exciting news, we’re all ears! Sometimes service providers can be treated like therapists, it comes with the industry. We understand that sometimes we all need to vent a little and we’re happy to be there for you. The truth is though, we love being a part of your world. We love hearing about your work, your kids, your pets or your love life! It’s part of what makes us love our jobs. That personal connection is what we aim for at OLC. Who wants to go somewhere that they’re just a number? This is the service industry. If you don’t feel like you’re getting personal attention then you’re going to the wrong clinic. It’s right there in our mission statement: “It is our mission to help you feel and look your personal best by tailoring our services to meet your individual needs”.

But don’t just take our word for it… take your own! Below are a few reviews from our Facebook page that leave us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. To view them yourself or to leave us a review of your own, head over to our Facebook page. By the way, leaving a review earns you $5 off your next treatment. How simple is that?